Nutrameltz Folate L-MTHF 1 mg

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Folate L-MTHF


Folate L-MTHF is a water soluble and a highly biologically active form of folate which is used at cellular level for DNA production. Folate supplementation is especially important for women before and during early pregnancy.

  • Supports normal early fetal development of brain and spinal cord.
  • Reduces the risk of neural tube defects.
  • Helps form red blood cells.
  • Maintenance of good health.
  • Aids body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.

Direction of Use: Take 1 tablet daily with food a few hours before or after taking other medications.

Each Tablet Contains: Folate (L-5-Methyl Tetrahydrofolate) 1000 mcg

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, Mannitol, Citric Acid, Cellulose, Monk Fruit Extract, Natural lemon Flavour, Magnesium stearate (Vegetable Grade).