Vital Life

Vital Life Homeopathic/Organotherapy Products deliver the same trusted Viatrexx products with new labels and branding. Viatrexx products are manufactured according to Health Canada regulations and a proprietary EZ Heartbeat © method which integrates a heartbeat type of process into Structured Water.

When we provide the body with molecules it recognizes, in a form it is used to dealing with and it will strive to use it in a way to optimize health. These, and other molecules are essentially the metabolic factors found in Vital Life products, to achieve this process. Vital Life products address key pillars of health (drainage/detox, repair/regeneration, metabolism/oxygenation) which may all be linked to underlining causes..

This pioneering work has led to unique products and proprietary manufacturing methods which mimic the body’s natural healthy biochemical processes and encourage balance, thereby providing remedies that may have a profound impact. Nourish the body to help encourage repair and regeneration.

Provide the components which will nourish its vitality, Chi/Qi, fight, endurance, so it is able rebuild, strengthen, fight back and become self-sufficient.